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Family Testimonies

New Horizons School is everything we were looking for in a daycare center for our daughter. The staff here are welcoming, kind and caring. We have always felt safe and secure dropping off our little girl each day, and she gets so excited to see her teachers! Our daughter has been enrolled since she was an infant, and they have worked hard to help shape her into the smart and fun little toddler that she is now. The teachers are very involved in her development, and they have been very patient with us as parents. Though we miss her so much while she is there, we are always SO excited to hear about her day when we pick her up! New Horizons School goes above and beyond for the families they care for, and my husband and I are so glad we chose them. 

--Lyndsie A. 

 June 2022



New Horizons School has been a safe educational daycare for my daughter.  her severe allergies have required daily accomodations, which the teachers have handled well without any difficulty. There have been many changes throughout the year they've watched her, and the teachers are so flexible with our needs.  I feel relaxed dropping her off knowing she's safe, and I also love hearing about everything she learns while she's there.  I couldn't ask for better teachers for my daughter.  

-- Vanessa F. 

April 2018

Our boys started at New Horizons when they were 12 weeks old.  While it was incredibly hard to leave our son with "strangers," all of the staff quickly became our family, which made it that much easier when our second child was there for the first time.  The staff care for our children as if they are their own, and they nurture and feed their growing minds.  The preschool classes have been incredible.  Our son is fully prepared to start kindergarten next year, and we could not have done it without New Horizons.  Throughout Covid, they safely navigated the ever-changing policies and cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of the staff and students, which made us feel safer leaving the boys in their care.  We are highly impressed with New Horizons and 100% recommend it.

--Suzanne T.

June 2022

New Horizons staff has, in every way imaginable, gone above and beyond our expectations for caring and growing our son.  When he potty trained at 18 months, he was accepted with open arms.  They took him to the bathroom constantly and tried to work with our zany approach to potty training.  New Horizons School has been a dream-come-true for our family.  Each day my son leaves happy and satisfied.  The facility is clean and organized.  The staff is informative and loving.  I would recommend New Horizons School to my family and friends.  

 --Charla H.


Words can't describe just how grateful we are that our daughter has incredible, loving, devoted teachers at New Horizons.  Our daughter has really flourished and its all thanks to her supportive, enthusiastic, caring teachers.  Our daughter has been attending New Horizons since she was about three months old, and we can say with certainty that her teachers ensured every day that her environment was one she could flourish in.  The teachers offer her guidance to help nurture her beautiful , bright personality so effortlessly; they know how important it is to allow a child to feel loved and supported away from home.  We love the small class sizes, it allows each child to feel seen, cared for while also allowing kids their own space and independence.  And turnover is low, allowing the kids to get to know the teachers.  Communication with the teachers is easy and reliable, and when talking to get to know the teachers.  Communication with the teachers is easy and reliable, when talking to the teachers, you can tell that they really take time to get to know the kids and make sure they give each child the care they need.  We absolutely love New Horizons and how tirelessly our daughters teachers work to allow her to flourish into the brilliant little girl she is. 

--Victoria T.

June 2022


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