Family Testimonies

New Horizons School has been a safe educational daycare for my daughter. Her severe allergies have required daily accommodations, which the teachers have handled well without any difficulty. There have been many changes throughout the year they've watcher her, and the teachers are so flexible with our needs. I feel relaxed dropping her off knowing she's safe, and I also love hearing about everything she learns while she's there. I couldn't ask for better teachers for my daughter.

                           -- Vanessa F. 

Our son has a severe tree nut allergy. New Horizons was ready and more than willing to embrace the necessary procedures and protocols to ensure his safety and well-being. In additon, our son went through a period of behavioral issues, "terrible twos," defiance, tantrums. The staff was unbelievably patient and professional during this trying time. In short, he is better adjusted, socially engaged child as a result of his attending New Horizons. 

                             -- Kelly L.  

New Horizons staff has, in every way imaginable, gone above and beyond our expectations for caring and growing our son. When he potty trained at 18 months, he was accepted with open arms. They took him to the bathroom constantly and tried to work with our zany approach to potty training. New Horizons School has been a dream-come-true for our family. Each day my son leaves happy and satisfied. The facility is clean and organized. The staff is informative and loving. I would recommend New Horizons School to my family and friends. 

                              -- Charla H.