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Our Staff 

Jodie Edmiston

Owner/Director/Toddler Teacher

Jodie is a licensed R.N. specializing in pediatrics. She is also certified fitness trainer. She has been the owner of NHS since 2002, both onsite and on staff. She is married to her husband, Brian, and they have three wonderful children, one in high school and two in college. She loves working with toddlers because they are so open to the world. She says this age is is magical and you get to see them grow into their own self.


Sheena Sledge

Director of Education/Preschool Teacher

Sheena has a Bachelor of Science in Childcare Administration and also has a teaching certification through department of Education.   She is married to her husband, Tyler, and they have two beautiful children. She has over ten  years experience teaching preschool and numerous years in other age groups. Her favorite part about preschool is watching her students grow over a year of learning. 


Breana Hughes

Toddler/ Infant Teacher

Bree has over three years of childcare experience, not counting the years of babysitting for family and friends.  She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.    She is currently attending WCCC for her associates degree to be a Dental Hygienist.  She loves interacting with the kids and watching them form their own personalities.  


Jenna Cunningham

Jenna is married and has two children.  She has past experience watching children for her friends.  She has worked for us for over 4 months.  She loves interacting with the kids and getting to watch them grow.  


Katie Dunlap

Assistant Teacher

Katie has worked with us for over 2 years.  She love being around the toddlers and infants.  She is currently in college classes pursuing her degree.  Katie also like to act in her spare time and has been in multiple plays and movies.  

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